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Unveiling The Artistry: Glendalough’s Wild Rose Gin

Unveiling The Artistry Behind Glendalough Distilleries Wild Rose Gin

To celebrate our collaboration for The Butler In Bloom, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the intricate process behind crafting this exquisite gin.

Created in memory of the late mother of Head Distiller Ciaran ‘Rowdy’ Rooney, the Wild Rose gin began as a small batch experiment. Its exceptional reception led the distillery to choose commercial production.

Rose had a special fondness for her garden and tended to it with love and dedication. In 2014 she passed away and in the wake of her departure, Rowdy felt an urge to commemorate her memory. He decided to create the first bottle of gin in her honour.

Around the same time, Rowdy’s brother, Paco, was preparing to tie the knot. He envisioned a unique batch of gin to toast the occasion, one that would pay tribute to their beloved mother. The idea was to infuse the gin with the essence of Rose’s rose plant, so that her spirit could be present at the celebration.

For the full bloom of rose flavours, fresh roses were placed directly into the distillation pot and left to infuse for a span of 16 to 18 hours. Experimenting with different methods, Rowdy tried batches with fresh petals and vapour trays, allowing the gin vapours to gently steam the roses, extracting a subtle, delicate flavour.

Post distillation, large muslin sacks were filled with a combination of fresh and dried rose petals. These sacks were dipped into the gin to extract their essence, deepening the colour and infusing it with an almost Turkish delight-like flavour.

Rowdy’s little sister took on the responsibility of tending to the roses from their mother’s garden, ensuring a fresh supply for every batch of Rose gin. It was a beautiful way to keep their mother’s memory alive, connecting with her through every bottle they produced. In their home, it came to be known as “Mam’s Gin,” a testament to the love and dedication that went into every batch.


Raise a glass to Rose and try the beautiful Please & Thank You cocktail at our pop-up bar, made with Wild Rose gin, elderflower liquor, pink grapefruit and vanilla bean syrup. Head here to find the recipe and recreate it at home.