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Head Chef Amber Doig’s Perfect Docket At The Butler

Head Chef Amber Doig takes us through her perfect order at The Butler.

No need to check the menu, Head Chef Amber has your order covered.

From tacos to our legendary pan-seared scallops, Amber takes us through the perfect order when visiting The Butler. Plus Bar Manager Jaicob Greenhill takes us through the perfect drinks pairing for each dish.


From New Zealand to New York, Amber has worked with some of the best Chef’s in the world, so we are more than happy to put our order in her hands.

Our Ibero American inspired menu is made to share, so make sure to gather your friends for a feast that is sure to get your tastebuds dancing!

So without further or do, let’s find out Head Chef Amber Doig’s ultimate docket when visiting The Butler, what she has to say about each dish, and what drinks pair perfectly with each meal…

Oysters with Aguachile and White Soy

“I like to start off with Oysters when out for a meal. The oysters paired with the spicy, fresh umami punch of green aguachile (blended chillis, lime) boosted with soy, is a great way to get the tastebuds flowing.”

Pairs perfectly with a glass of G.H. Mumm.

Ora King Salmon Ceviche, hibiscus, ancho chile, baby cukes and avocado

“Simple sashimi, quality salmon, lightly cured to order with citrus-infused hibiscus and ancho chile. Each bite is satisfying with an array of textures and flavours.”

Pairs perfectly with a Mezcal Margarita.

Queso Fundido with lobster and sweetcorn esquites

“A bubbly blend of cheeses served in a cast iron dish topped with delicate poached lobster and corn. It is a classic combination and a bougie Butler favourite. The dish is finished with a smoky salsa made of tomatos, onions and charred chiles. Ask for some extra tortilla or totopos to scoop up all the good bits.”

Pairs perfectly with a glass of Somos Blanquito (white blend).

Skirt Steak Tacos, Pickled nopales, chile arbol salsa, homemade queso fresco

“My go-to taco. The steak is marinated with our adobo, seared to order on a ripping hot grill, and served atop a warm tortilla. The taco is topped with crunchy pickled cactus, vegetables, crumbled homemade cheese, and a few drips of a complex blend of arbol chiles, seeds, and spices which rounds it off as a perfect bite.”

Pairs perfectly with a Hidden Agenda cocktail.

Seared scallops, garbanzo cream, habanero, salmon roe salsa

“Seared scallops are always a crowd-pleaser, these are served with a cream of blended garbanzo beans, warm and floral habanero, as well as pops of caviar in the salsa, making it a delicious addition to the line up.”  

Peairs perfectly with a glass of Vino Volta ‘Nothing Wrong With Old School’ Chennin Blanc.

Achiote red rice, roast mushrooms, spicy pickled vege, smoked cashew cream

“An understated dish on our menu. 100% plant based and a unanimous staff favourite. A bowl of epic fried rice, full of texture and flavour in each spoonful.”

Pairs perfectly with a glass of Amato Vino Rosso (red blend).


“Italians love a pannacotta to finish a meal and I agree wholeheartedly. We have been told ours is one of the best so we like to have one on rotation with a simple, seasonal fruit accompaniment. Right now we are serving coconut infused pannacotta with mezcal, passionfruit, and mango sorbet.”  

Paris perfectly with a Passionfruit Batida.

We’ve done the hard work for you, now all that’s left is to visit The Butler for lunch or dinner and try out Amber’s perfect docket. 

Gather your friends and book in your next catch up.