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Chef Amber Doig’s Perfect Docket At The Butler

Chef Amber Doig takes us through her perfect order at The Butler

No need to check the menu, Chef Amber has your order covered.

With vibrant marinades, fresh seafood, and melt-in-your-mouth tacos, Chef Amber certainly has a knack for infusing flavour. Bringing a wealth of experience from New Zealand to New York, she expertly combines her love for South American tastes with seasonal, fresh produce to curate The Butlers’ menu.

“Butler’s seasonal menu is bright, refined, fresh with has a strong grower & producer presence, aligning with and showcasing some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s finest in land-based farming and aquaculture, with an ongoing focus on showing our guests where their food comes from and the sharing the importance of this knowledge”


We asked her for the standout dishes from the menu, entrusting you to her capable hands for your next order with us. Our menu is made to share, so make sure to gather your friends for a feast that is sure to get your tastebuds dancing!


Sydney Rock Oysters with leche de tigre granita 

“I like to start off with freshly shucked oysters almost every time I dine out. We’ve created a version of the famous Peruvian ceviche marinade, leche de tigre, and frozen it to provide an even more refreshing option for the season”.

Ōra king salmon, scampi caviar, coconut aguachile, nasturtium  

“Simple, sashimi quality salmon, lightly cured with salt and sugar, sliced thinly and served with coconut aguachile, literally “chile water” which has been given the island treatment with the addition of coconut milk, some added umami and texture with delicate wild scampi caviar”.

Skirt steak tacos, pickled nopales, chile arbol salsa, homemade queso fresco 

“My go-to taco! Flavoursome, textural skirt steak is marinaded with our adobo, seared to order on a ripping hot grill. We serve it atop a warm tortilla with crunchy pickled cactus & vegetables and crumbled homemade cheese. The addition of a few drops of a complex blend of arbol chiles, seeds, and spices adds the perfect finishing touch”.

Humpty Doo Barramundi, cloudy bay clams, sea spaghetti, snowpeas 

“My new fave off the current menu, crispy-skinned barramundi from Humpty Doo with some steamed storm clams and a delicious sauce made from the clam juices, added some freshness and texture with sea spaghetti and fresh, crunchy snow peas”.

Achiote red rice, roast mushrooms, spicy pickled vege, smoked cashew cream

“An understated dish on our menu that is 100% plant-based and a unanimous staff meal favourite. A bowl of epic fried rice, full of texture and flavour in each spoonful. A standalone dish in its own right, definitely not your average fried rice side”.

Panna Cotta

“Italians love panna cotta to finish a meal and I agree wholeheartedly. We have been told ours is a favourite, so we like to have one on rotation with a simple, seasonal fruit accompaniment. At the moment we have been incorporating finger lime and passionfruit with coconut sorbet”.



We’ve done the hard work for you, now all that’s left is to visit The Butler for lunch or dinner and try out Amber’s perfect docket.

Gather your friends and book in your next catch up.