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Meet the Chef

Meet our Head Chef of The Butler, Amber Doig

Amber brings her creative flavours to The Butler’s flavoursome menu.

New Zealand born Doig started her career under the mentorship of Sydney chefs James Viles, and later Vanessa Martin, where she opened Piave restaurant in Balmain. Enhancing her skills in New York City, she worked with superstar chef Alex Stupak at the Empellon restaurant group.

Amber has a strong and interesting culinary background. Moving from Christchurch to Sydney when she was 17 to pursue her dream of becoming a Chef, early experience was gained working under one of Australia’s most respected young restaurateurs and chefs, James Viles. Amber was then mentored by Vanessa Martin, who opened the Chefs Hatted Il Piave Restaurant in Balmain at the astonishingly young age of 24.

In 2015 Doig decided to follow her lifelong dream of working in New York City, and to learn Mexican/Ibero-American cuisine. She reached out to the Empellón Restaurant group, to train under superstar Alex Stupak. She worked across his various restaurants and projects, learning invaluable cooking skills and gaining life changing experience. Amber brings all of this with her to The Butler, adapting the menu and adding her creative flair with Ibero-American touches.