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The Butler + Wayside Chapel Sustainable Dessert

Head Chef Amber Doig has teamed up with Wayside Chapel to create the perfect Butler in Bloom dessert special that minimises waste.

Amber Doig has used some of the Wayside Chapels rooftop gardens ingredients to create the Butler in Bloom dessert, Coconut Piloncillo Parfait, which is both delicious and sustainable. From the egg shells being composted to the hibiscus flower being used as both a garnish and dried for powder, this dessert has zero waste.

We sat down with Amber to talk about her inspiration and the flavours involved in the Butler in Bloom dessert, and The Butler’s ongoing relationship with Wayside Chapel.

The Butler x Wayside Chapel

Can you please tell us about The Butler’s relationship with Wayside Chapel.

We have had a long and beautiful relationship with our friends at Wayside, an organisation made up of passionate humans who are part of the bedrock of our neighbourhood, providing unconditional love, support & essential services to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Their rooftop garden, is an oasis for some, a place to find peace and connection in an otherwise stressful day. They are kind enough to give us a few seasonal ingredients, just whatever is abundant or left over from this special space which isn’t used in house.

Our friend Jon Kingston manages the garden space, he is a wealth of knowledge. He sometimes even brings helpers along to drop ingredients off so they can see where their hard work ends up. Lemon myrtle is a native aromatic which we have been given a good amount to utilise, we like to incorporate some into syrups and cocktails sometimes but I wanted to add to a dessert for a switch up. We sometimes get a few edible flowers and fennel fronds which are great for adding to colour, freshness and texture to our desserts.

What flavours did you draw upon in creating the Butler in Bloom Dessert?

I wanted to create a dish that was sweet, with a balance of summery and fragrant ingredients, that would transport diners to a tropical holiday, with every mouthful. Lemon myrtle is the grounding ingredient of the hibiscus sorbet, which the citrusy, unique aroma has been infused with Jamaica flowers to give that special twang to compliment the island vibes of rich and creamy coconut parfait.

What drink would you pair with this dessert?

I am bias to neat agave spirits, so you’ll find me sipping a good quality, Espadin Mezcal or even served up as an old fashioned with a dash of mole bitters, or a Batida, which is basically a boozy milkshake with elements of  coconut. We have a delicious passionfruit one on our current cocktail menu.

Between 24th Oct – 4th Dec 2022,  The Butler has been transformed into a Springtime oasis with new cocktails and dessert specials for the entire month.

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