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Meet the Butler in Bloom Mural Artist

Meet the artist behind our Butler in Bloom wall mural, Sarah McClosckey.

Sarah has brought Butler in Bloom to life like never before with her larger than life floral mural out the front of The Butler.

Let’s get to know her & the inspiration behind her work.

Name, age, where did you grow up? How did you get into street art?

Sarah McCloskey / @sarsar | Fremantle, WA.

I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and was fortunate enough to have my first studio above an amazing graffiti and art supply store in Perth. It was through working in that environment, as well as watching some of my favourite artists working in murals and graffiti, that I began painting walls myself starting in 2015.

How do you feel about street art in Sydney? 

Sydney is home to some of the best and most renowned mural artists in the world, as well as a strong and deeply rooted graffiti culture, and I love the street art scene that exists as a result. Part of the reason I was so keen to relocate to Sydney was to become a part of that community, and I’ve felt incredibly welcomed into it. Having only lived here for a couple of years I feel as though I’m still finding my footing here at times, but I think the variety of artists and styles here means that everyone’s work has its place and has the opportunity to stand out and be appreciated.

What is the best thing about creating art on the street? And the worst?

The best thing is getting to be outside in the open air and creating something that will stay as a part of the streetscape once you leave. It’s also always nice to meet locals (and local dogs too) and hear their reactions as the mural progresses.

The worst part is when the weather isn’t on your side! It isn’t much fun to paint in pouring rain or extreme sun. It can also be tricky to get into a good work flow when I am stopping to chat with curious passers-by all day, even though those interactions are usually lovely.

Who is your favourite contemporary artist? 

I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite! I find inspiration in a lot of places, but I am always drawn to figurative artists, and especially those who work across multiple mediums (illustration, digital, murals etc). I love works that transport you to another place through their subject, style, scale, composition or colour, or combine elements in such a way as to blur the line between real and imagined.

Some current and past favourites include: James Jean, Pat Perry, Charlotte Allingham, Marikit Santiago, Abdul Abdullah, George Rose, Isabelle de Kleine, Natalia Rak & Helice Wen.

What are you most excited about with this Butler in Bloom project?

I absolutely love painting florals and am so excited to be creating a larger-than-life spring mural that will span almost the entire facade. It’s my first mural back after Sydney’s three month lockdown, and with such a bright and colourful design and in such a beautiful street setting, I can’t think of a better job to be doing!


Check out our Instagram reel showing the progression of the mural from beginning to completion below!


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Swing by The Butler this Spring to check out Sarah’s work, don’t forget to tag @thebutlersydney & #butlerinbloom in all your pics!