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Our Breakfast Event Guide

Breakfast Events at The Butler

Top 5 reasons to host a breakfast event with us.

It’s true – the early bird really does catch the worm! From plentiful fruit platters to mini pancakes, perfectly sliced avocado and breakfast mimosas, hosting your next event in the morning will seriously impress your guests.

Keep reading to find out our top 5 reasons for hosting a morning event.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

You’ve probably heard it before: breakfast is key! Research backs it up too – starting your day with a wholesome breakfast fuels you up for the day ahead, sharpens your focus and gives your immune system a boost.

Not only will you be throwing a stellar event for your guests, but you’ll also be giving them a little health boost on the side!

You still have the whole day ahead of you 

We’re calling it – breakfast is now the new long lunch! Hosting a breakfast event offers an invigorating start to the day, making it more enticing for attendees to RSVP. Plus, it allows everyone to return to their busy schedules, still riding the wave of your event.

Chef Amber’s picturesque breakfast spread will have your guests talking for days

Choose from a curated grazing station with tropical fruit platters, pastries, bagels, bircher muesli cups and more, or opt for a seated menu with welcome platters and a selection of three main courses to share.

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Mimosas or coffee, pick your breakfast beverage!

Choose between barista-made coffees or elevate your experience with mimosas! There’s nothing quite like the combination of champagne with a dash of orange juice to set the tone for a great morning.

Your photographer will love you!

Natural light tends to be the most flattering on its subjects, and the Butler is bathed in it! With an al fresco terrace, expansive glass doors and windows at the entrance, we offer several spaces to set up a photography backdrop and capture memorable moments with minimal editing required!

If we’ve convinced you to level things up with a breakfast event, get in touch with our events team to find out more and make an enquiry today.