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Lil Davo Sustainable Cocktail

RAFI North Sydney’s Bar Manager Cameron Freno and The Butler Bar Manager Jaicob Greenhill have teamed up to create a sustainable cocktail for Butler in Bloom.

Sustainable practices and minimising waste were front of mind when creating The Lil Davo cocktail. From repurposing the ginger pulp for an edible garnish, to minimising citrus waste by using a ‘super juice’ technique, there is essentially zero waste in preparing this drink. The Lil Davo Cocktail encompasses both the sustainability practices used at RAFI North Sydney and The Butler’s Ibero-American flare with the smokey mezcal to create a delicious and linear Spring cocktail for Butler in Bloom.

We sat down with Jaicob and Cameron to discuss the sustainable practices and the inspiration behind the Lil Davo. Keep scrolling to find out more.

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What was your inspiration behind the Lil Davo cocktail?

We wanted to create something that was super refreshing but had a dry bitter sweet flavour and a hit of earthy tones to compliment Head Chef Amber Doig’s amazing Ibero-American inspired style.

Cam has brought the sustainable techniques used at RAFI North Sydney and combined this with Jaicob’s wealth of knowledge of Mezcal, to create a well balanced delicious Spring time cocktail special for Butler in Bloom.

What are the sustainability practices involved in this cocktail?

The sustainable practices used in making this cocktail involved using an orange ‘super juice’, which is a combination of juiced orange and its peels, filtered water and a mix of both citric and malic acid. This method allow us to drastically reduce the amount of citrus used by utilising both the pulp and skin, as well as by adding water to create a larger yield.

To give the drink a nice consistency and longevity we use agar agar which is a plant based gelatine derived from seaweed and when used in small amounts can give a drink a lovely viscosity but also trapping solids to give it an elegant look.

After juicing the ginger we wanted to repurpose the ginger pulp into an edible ginger pulp and sea salt cracker to compliment the flavours in the cocktail and add a fun component to the experience.

What flavours can we expect to taste when drinking the Lil Davo cocktail?

The Lil Davo cocktail consists of a sweet, almond and acidic Davidson plum liqueur, a smokey mezcal, dried out rosé vermouth which makes it a lot more linear and the addition of the orange super juice adds the citrus aspect. 

This cocktail is extremely linear, with warm earthy tones, and a little bit of sweetness and bitterness to create a well rounded delicious cocktail.