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The Art of Food Presentation

A five step guide to making your food a work of art with Head Chef of The Butler, Amber Doig.

Spring is all about vibrant flavours & colours so we’ve teamed up with Royal Doulton for this years #ButlerInBloom campaign to present an array of beautifully decorated desserts and Amber has shared her secrets on how to plate them.

If you’ve had the pleasure of dining on one of Amber’s magnificent creations then you’ll be on board when we say that they’re almost too pretty to eat. Gone are the days of lining up meat & veg then slopping on some mash, food should taste as good as it looks and we’re here to help up the ante on food presentation.

One: Colour

Find the right coloured dinnerware to complement your dish. This can be a plain white plate that can be treated like a canvas or you can use darker, brighter, patterned or textured plates to add that little extra depth. Theres so many options and it comes down to your individuality. To enhance the floral undertones of our Butler In Bloom dessert menu, Amber has chosen Royal Doulton‘s new Signature 1815 collection. 

Two: Shape

Using contrasting shapes and textures when creating your dish will help with visual appeal and this can tie in with the dinnerware you’ve chosen. For example, in the Chocolate coffee semifreddo pictured below, Amber has used the depth and patten of the bowl to create an interesting, yet inviting shape to the dish. 

Three: Balance

Don’t over crowd the plate with ingredients, balance is key. Plus, if you’ve treated yourself to a fancy new set of plates- you’ll want your guests to see it! 


Four: Levels

Ensuring your dish isn’t sitting too flat, has variations of height, and colour. This can be achieved by resting layers of elements such as pastry (like in our Milhojas pictured below) or proteins/vegetables on or against each other. You can also use fresh garnishes like fresh herbs or edible flowers to give some depth and height to a dish.

Five: Purpose

Most importantly ensure everything you put on a plate has a purpose, has flavour and overall just tastes delish! 

Now that you’re up to speed on making some good looking food, why not check out Royal Doulton’s new Signature 1815 collection and give it a go! We’re also giving you the chance to WIN a 16 piece Royal Doulton set as part of our Butler In Bloom Spritz & Dine package! Find out more here

Our beautiful Spring desserts on these very grammable plates will be available for the next two months on the #ButlerInBloom dessert pop up menu. View the menu and make a booking below!