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Seasonal Produce from the Wayside Chapel

Sustainable, fresh and delicious ingredients on The Butler menu

We donate weekly to the Wayside Chapel in exchange for seasonal produce from their incredible rooftop garden.

The Wayside Chapel Gardens are a 2oo square metre garden filled with a variety of organic fruit, herbs and vegetables. The garden is home to rainwater tanks, solar panels, worm farms, a compost system and bee-hives making it incredibly sustainable. It is a community space where people facing disadvantages and local residents can work together, sharing skills and supporting each other to nurture a vast array of plants.

Each week we donate to the Wayside Chapel in exchange for seasonal produce from their rooftop garden. You’ll find these fresh ingredients in the following Butler dishes.

Leafy Salad
Mixed leaves, jicama, sour-orange vinaigrette

Rocket and mustard leaves are used in our leafy salad to create a vibrant side to compliment any dish on the menu.

Petuna Ocean Trout
Petuna ocean trout fillet, smoked salsa molcajete, purslane, crema

Karkalla and nasturtium are used on our Petuna Ocean Trout dish to complement the purslane flavour.

We also source seasonal berries and flowers which are included on our desserts.

Coming into Spring means that a lot of the winter plants are starting to seed so space is being cleared for new crops. Keep an eye on our socials to discover what fresh produce will be arriving next or ask our staff which dishes include ingredients from the Wayside Chapel gardens.