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We Saved The Butler

Overdevelopment Threatens Another Potts Point Restaurant.

Third.i Development Group proposed a seven story apartment building which threatened The Butler Potts Point restaurant and the iconic Sydney Skyline view. With the support of City of Sydney and the community, there were over 300 objections and we have won the fight to keep the our view!

The NSW court upheld the appeal for amended plans to progress, which has seen the building significantly reduced to a part six, part four storey building comprising 13 smaller apartments with reduced views, two levels of basement car parking and a lift.

Most notably, The Butler’s entire view will be retained, with the original bulk cut out to ensure the restaurant’s unimpeded vista.

Thank you to the Potts Point community and beyond, we are grateful that we can continue to operate in this historic site, giving you access to this rare and stunning Sydney view.

The Development Proposal

The $22m development will see the demolition of the current 4 story apartment building and replaced with a new larger 7 story apartment building adjoining The Butler terrace. The development threatens the heritage conservation area which is home to the famous Victoria Street terraces that Juanita Neilson fought hard to keep.

The additional size and bulk of the development will eliminate iconic views, create privacy issues, overshadowing and detract from the heritage street scape. If council approves this development proposed by Third.i Group it will see bedroom windows 2 meters from restaurant guests… With the iconic view completely eliminated, privacy & noise issues it will force the closure of the restaurant. Another massive hit to the cultural soul of Potts Point.

Full details of the DA can be found here >

The Threat to The Butler Potts Point

You may visit The Butler for the delicious food, or the creative cocktails, but what makes The Butler such an iconic venue, is our 180 degree view of the Sydney city skyline and the heritage listed surroundings. Due to a proposed development of the building behind the Butler, this view is now under threat. The Iconic view is going to be eliminated, whether it is viewed from the famous Butler Stairs, the historic terraces or The Butler restaurant.

The Butler Potts Point is in a heritage-listed building and has been a restaurant space for over 70 years. From celebrating significant occasions, long lunches or romantic date nights; this iconic view plays an integral part of the dining experience at The Butler.


Applejack Hospitality operate The Butler restaurant and have 10 years left on the lease with the property landlord. The Butler is an integral part of the thriving Potts Point community, offering an exceptional hospitality experience for all to enjoy. If the project proposal gets approved, eliminating this iconic vista, the restaurant faces closure, robbing the public of the opportunity to continue to share in this rare Manhattan style view. It will heavily impact one of the city’s cultural hubs, that has already seen neighbouring Kings Cross beleaguered by gentrification and residential development.

The Butler and its neighbours are committed to saving Potts Points’ city views and ask you to join them in their plea to have the development application approval reconsidered. If we act now we can stop this proposed development in its tracks: with enough submissions, the council will have no choice but to deny this proposal.

What You Need to Know

The Butler Building History

The Butler Potts Point is in a heritage-listed building and has been a restaurant space for over 70 years, including the well-known Butler’s restaurant and Mezzaluna’s. Applejack has been wowing guests with The Butler’s stunning Sydney city views since 2014 when we took over operations, hosting many locals, interstate, and international guests.

The heritage listed building is a historic look back into terraces of the past. You may have heard the name Juanita Nielsen, a journalist & activist in the Kings Cross area, who actively fought against the development of the terrace houses in Victoria Street. Juanita’s determination through activism against greedy developers in the 70’s saved the very building The Butler now calls home, along with the historic terraces next door from demolition.

Find out more about Juanita Nielsen >

The Iconic View

The Butler overlooks the Sydney city skyline, including several historic buildings. The well-known Sydney tower highlights the panoramic view from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the historic St Mary’s Cathedral as well as The Domain, plus a number of skyline buildings.

Eliminating this iconic view will rob the public of the opportunity to share this rare Manhattan-style view; no other restaurant in Sydney has sweeping city views from this perspective.

Throughout the years we have watched the city skyline develop and change all from The Butler terrace. As a heritage-listed building, this view is a part of the building’s history and must be saved.