The Right Fit Breakfast at The Butler

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The Right Fit Breakfast at The Butler

The Right Fit Breakfast at The Butler Potts Point

Hand Held Stars vs Household Stars


If you missed out on breakfast this week then we have got you covered with some of the hot tips that were dished out along with a delicious breakfast at The Butler.

The breakfast saw top talent, brands and agencies come together to discuss how to make killer content in 2019 and answer burning questions around user generated content. Our founder Taryn Williams hosted a panel with some of the industrys top leaders; Chris Wirasinha the Co-Founder of, Nathan Burman the Head of Communications at Twitter, Andi Lew who is a Influencer & Content Creator and Sam Berry from DVM Law.

The key takeaways from the day were that the volume of content created will only continue to increase, with different channels requiring unique versions of content to speak to different audiences. All parties agreed that influencer content and using content creators as storytellers are key for achieving cut-through and gaining consumer attention.

TW: Firstly, advice to those publishers (content creators, storytellers, influencers) in the room, how can they get cut-through in a rather saturated market?

Chris – It’s about consistency, the audience should know what they are getting from you and you should deliver that day in and day out. Whether this is having the same tone of voice consistently, or focusing on a certain interest or niche. That’s what will have people seeking you out in a crowded market. The other challenge is knowing which platforms work for you, there are so many platforms out there and it is hard to choose where to place your investment.

Who actually owns content?

Sam – Intellectual property laws apply in Australia across all platforms, including social media. The content creator owns the content automatically upon creation, then we need to look at what has been agreed on contractually between the content creator and the brand. Additionally, we look at the laws of the social media platform. For example, Facebook has a native share functionality, but Instagram does not. If you want to share and repost you should get permission from the content creator if there is no inbuilt or first party share function.

What do you think the next trend will be?

Chris – I think the future will be everyone acting like a publisher or content creator. Red bull is a good example, now their media company makes as much as their soft drink company! Showpo is a great example too of creating engaging content, it is a retail store but creates great content that people engage with and would continue to engage with, even if the retail element of the business no longer existed. There will be more hand-held stars as opposed to household stars in premium content, we have seen this with HP, they used online content creators in above the line content.

Thank you to all who came and our lovely sponsors; The Butler Sydney, Golden Grind, Vida Glow, Frequency H20, Strangelove Lo-Cal SodasMy Hemple and Bloom Box Boutique.


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