Explore Potts Point with us


Explore Potts Point with us

Potts Point – always bustling with activity & something to do or see!

Give me a day to formulate what a day in Potts Point has to offer. From a morning stroll along Elizabeth Bay to delicious lunch at The Butler Potts Point, keep reading to find out our recommendations for the perfect day out in this cultured suburb.

Start off easy, with a morning stroll around Elizabeth Bay

A respectable perve on some yachts really allows you to seas the day. You could see this beginning as the calm before the storm since Elizabeth Bay is one of the quietest spots overlooking what typically is a very busy harbour.

Sit down and relax in the Elizabeth Bay Reserve, a tranquil park right on the edge of the vibrant suburb Potts Point. As you absorb the greenery, you feel the week’s stress being relieved. it’s a little-known fact that observing the colour green improves your happiness.



From here we have started on the good foot to wander up Elizabeth Rd, towards Potts Point and you’ll find yourself at…


Kings Cross Organic Food Market

Mosey around and soak up the sunshine on MacLeay St among Fitzroy Gardens. The Kings Cross Organic Food Markets are open every Saturday from 9am- 2pm and Sunday from 10am – 3pm. Here you will find fresh flowers, friendly dogs, live music, organic vegetables from local farms, craft vendors and delicious food.

King Cross Markets

Grab your skinny flat white from Salvadors Coffee Roasted Syd and then choose from either of these following options on the famous landmark…


McElhone Stairs

For the Fitness enthusiasts, climb the nice 113 stairs, or do it twice and reach 226 steps on your Fitbit.

Or for the spectator, sip that delicious coffee from Potts Point Market whilst staring at the people who we suspect are up to something.

McElhorne Stairs


The McElhone stone stairs were originally built in 1870 and you can only imagine the variety of feet that have climbed these steps. It leads from Woolloomooloo bay to the energetic street life of Potts Point and holds a rich history of hikers and spectators. The apartment block to the south of the stairway holds balconies hanging over the panoramic views and provides inspiration to writers, filmmakers and artists.

McElhone Stairs

Stepping out of the history book you’re probably exhausted and hungry. So, kill that hangry feeling and refuel or indulge at the neighbouring beautiful restaurant…

The Butler Potts Point

Only a short walk down Victoria Street come in and enjoy our  Winter Warmers, such as Mulled Wine for $12 and/or a Hot Toddy for $18.

After some drinks you’ll find yourself not being able to resist the dishes on our menu, like the 1200gm Lamb Shoulder slow cooked in banana leaf or our Ruby Tuna Tartare with pasilla verde, turtle beans and black quinoa tostada.


We have no reservations about recommending this restaurant. Although our top tip is to reserve a table in advance to confirm your spot, so you can watch the sun as it sets over our sensational city.

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As daylight is disappearing and you probably can’t be bothered to go home because your legs won’t work after the stairs or you drove and had a few too many espresso martinis at The Butler’s Juanitas Bar, here’s your solution…

Larmont Stay

Larmont Sydney by Lancemore is a landmark of Potts Point. Its Luxurious boutique accommodation performs well with the spirited city center that is Sydney’s best kept non-secret, Potts Point. Obviously, they positioned themselves strategically close to The Butler Potts Point just for a day like today, or every Saturday. Head to their website to book yourself a stay.

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Larmont Sydney Hotel


We hope to see you soon in Potts Point!

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Potts Point Sunset

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