Richly luxe green space enjoyed by the Jugernauts


Richly luxe green space enjoyed by the Jugernauts

The Jugernauts were guests at our launch party and here’s what they have to say…

The Butler is AppleJack’s fourth venue (Bondi Hardware, The Botanist and Socal) being the first three. Like the others, all the AppleJack venues have a food and bar focus and this time, Hamish and Ben takes you to the French Carribean in a fantastic reworked Mezzaluna. It’s all high ceilings, botanical wall covering and a richly luxe green space out on the balcony. Service is also expedient with a breakdown of the menu and recommendations on what to eat.


Once you head down the “small house component” with its front bar and living room styled seating, the journey down and into Butlers main space will impress. Its smartly finished and lovely to look at with abundant day light when you enter. The styling a mix of hamptonesque colonial cool is quite beautiful. There’s an airiness and the view of the sydney skyline here is rather impressive – especially when you’re futher off and walking lengthwise across the room and seeing the city pan.

The long bar sits at the back and we’re partial to being seated at the bar – the commotion and flurry of activity that happens here is always fun to partake in.


salt cod croquettes – with a curried mayo. Salty crunchy with liquid insides


A duo of sliders ($6 each) – (L) beef+spiced pork and a boudin noir (black sausage) slider.


(L) Dynamite Sour – Hine Cognac with White Creme De Cacao, lemon, orange Marmalade (R) Cognaquiri – Hine Cognac with Lairds Applejack Brandy and Lime.


(L) a floral 75 – a strawberry infused Tanqueray Gin, Creme Yvette, orange bitters topped with Champagne (R) colonial cobbler – Pineapple and blueberry inflused bulleit Bourbon, lillet, lime, angostura bitters, sugar and fresh mint. Really enjoyed both these cocktails.


Air France: G’vine gin, maraschino liquer, lemon, pomegranate and egg white – a beautifully presented cocktail.

(L) La Mule – Ketel One Vodka with St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, lime, angostura bitters, fresh basil and house made ginger beer (R) Butler Side Car – Apricot infused Hine Cognac, Cointreau, lemon and orgeat with a roasted almond sugar rim

With a fantastic fitout, rather interesting carribean/french cuisine on offer – we were more than quietly impressed with the new Butler. We came around 6pm and after a couple drinks – the venue was packed out. Best seats in the house are either at the bar or on that fantastic balcony with the view out to the city and domain. Best to call and book.

Really an unbeatable venue with a killer view. One of sydney’s hottest resto and bars. Hit this.


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